Join.PD: The Secret to Interactive Classrooms


In today’s classrooms, educators face a constant challenge: capturing student attention and ensuring everyone is actively engaged in the learning process. Enter Pear Deck, an innovative educational technology tool that’s revolutionizing the way teachers deliver lessons.  At the heart of Pear Deck is the simple yet powerful Join.PD feature, which transforms traditional presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences.

What is Join.PD?

Join.PD is the gateway for students to participate in Pear Deck presentations. With a unique code provided by their teacher (displayed on,  students can seamlessly connect to the live lesson from any device with internet access. Once joined, they’re no longer passive observers; they become active contributors.

Why Join.PD is a Game-Changer

Real-time Interaction:  Pear Deck slides include a variety of interactive question types. Students can respond with text, drawings, multiple choice answers, drag objects on the screen, and more. This breaks down the barrier between the presenter and the audience, ensuring every student has a voice.

Instant Formative Assessment:  Teachers receive immediate feedback on student comprehension as responses are displayed in real-time. This allows educators to identify misconceptions, adjust their teaching on the fly, and provide targeted support where needed.

Anonymity Promotes Participation: Pear Deck lets students answer questions anonymously (if the teacher chooses this setting). This encourages participation from those who might normally be hesitant to speak up in class, fostering a more inclusive learning environment.

Increased Engagement:  Interactive elements make lessons far more captivating than traditional lectures. Students are motivated by the opportunity to shape the learning experience and see their contributions reflected on the board.

Student-Paced Mode: Teachers can enable student-paced mode, allowing learners to work through interactive slides at their own speed. This supports differentiation and provides flexibility for diverse learning needs.

How to Get Started with Join.PD

Create a Pear Deck Account: Teachers can sign up for a free Pear Deck account to start building presentations.

Design Interactive Slides: Pear Deck offers pre-built slide templates and a vast library of question types to make lesson creation a breeze.

Launch a Session: Choose whether to run the presentation in teacher-paced or student-paced mode.

Share the Join Code: Display the unique join code on Students enter this code to access the lesson.

Engage and Assess: Facilitate a dynamic learning experience as student responses populate the presentation, offering valuable insights into their understanding.

Beyond Engagement fosters a classroom culture where student participation is the norm. It helps teachers build stronger relationships with students, promotes a sense of ownership over the learning process, and creates a dynamic space where every student thrives. If you’re searching for the secret to a more interactive, engaging, and effective classroom, Join.PD is the answer.

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How do I get a join code? 

When you launch a Pear Deck presentation, a unique join code is automatically generated and displayed for your students.

How long is a join code active?

 Codes typically remain active for several days, allowing students to review the lesson later if desired. You can control this in your Pear Deck settings.

Can I control who joins my lesson? 

Yes, you can use the “Roster Lock” feature to ensure only students in your class can join the presentation using the code.

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