FSH Test and importance of Blood Sample Collection


What Is an FSH Blood Test?

A follicular-stimulating hormone produced by glands present in both men and women and its levels increase during puberty, which coincides with ovulation.(Ovulation) and is an important factor in determining the fertility and reproductive health of an individual.

follicular stimulating hormone(FSH) The test is done in women who want to conceive or want to conceive. This hormone promotes ovulation and its normal levels are essential for women who want to conceive a child.

Why is the FSH Blood Test Done?

FSH test checks the level of follicular stimulating hormone in the blood, a hormone whose level increases during puberty and its increase helps in ovulation. FSH levels are low in children in the early stages, but increase as children go through puberty. reach up to(10 to 14), their levels start increasing. Function of FSH Testosterone in boys Hormones and Estrogen in Girls to produce hormones.

FSH levels in the body help determine fertility such as ovarian function, ovulation and hormonal imbalance.


  • First, a phlebotomist may tie a band around your upper arm to make sure the vein is visible.
  • They will clean the site using disinfectant to reduce the risk of infection.
  • A syringe will be inserted into the vein to draw the appropriate amount of blood for the test.
  • they will take out the needle and seal the site using a cotton ball.

Importance of Blood Sample Collection for FSH Test

Blood sample collection for tests is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to test for many diseases related to blood Its Importance is:

  • Level of FSH if high can be diagnosed in the early phase
  • Blood samples collected can be tested for increased level of FSH
  •  Assess the body’s under the effect of increased FSH through immediate testing
  • Can be used to determine the infertility cause and overall reproductive health.

Parameters to Choose the Best Lab for the FSH Test

To choose the best diagnostic centre one must have to see the following parameters before going for a test.

  • Reputation must see the reputation as well as the experience by checking the Google reviews and verifying with people who have been tested from that centre.
  • Experienced staff the staff experience and how well they can handle their patient under pressure and assist them under different challenging conditions
  • Availability and response- You can check the staff availability as well as the response time so that a patient gets tested and diagnosed for any disease early.

How Can You Choose the Best Pathology Lab for the FSH Test

The best pathology lab should provide the facility for home blood sample collection so FSH tests can be done anywhere, FSH tests are essential as they help in determining the risk  of infertility during pregnancy that arise due to abnormal FSH levels in women Ganesh Diagnostic the best pathology lab in delhi they quickly collects and tests the sample with 100% accuracy for diagnosis and helps the patient to get the best treatment for their speedy recovery


FSH test helps millions of patients get tested for increased risk of infertility and reproductive health  which requires immediate diagnosis and help in providing the best and right treatment  women if tested positive. Choose the best diagnostic centre as per your need and comfort that provides better facility and services to the patient. 

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